Tuesday, October 07, 2014

RWS Invites - Crediting this blog for the use of photograph!

A package addressed to me was received in the mailbox earlier this evening and i was puzzled to see that it contained an RWS Invites magazine. 

From my understanding, my membership has already lapsed and even if the company has erroneously sent me a complimentary copy, the address should have been printed rather than handwritten! 

Anyway, the main cover was on a topic i am very interested in; "Singapore's most haunted" and the first thing i did was to flip the pages and read the content. 

Now, where have i seen this picture before?!??!!? Memories of the recent incident with a famous seafood restaurant still remain fresh but i could not help feeling suspicious that this photo seemed to have been taken from my post on the red house in pasir ris!  

Before i could react further (likely with irritation), i suddenly recalled an email sent by a Mr Savid, Senior Art Director, requesting for the use of the picture! Upon closer look, yes, there was a credit to this blog! 


 Thank you for sending me a copy of the magazine, Mr Savid! 


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