Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Economically Priced China Cuisine @ Pin Xiang Yan (品香筵餐馆) - Jurong East MRT Station [Singapore]

Whether you like it or not, the various regional cuisines from China are here to stay and to be honest, i am not complaining; for us consumers, their forays into the competitive food industry in Singapore would simply translate into more food options whenever we dine out!

Pin Xiang Yan Restaurant (品香筵餐馆) - i first heard about this place from the Great Kon and to have him visiting the restaurant almost once every week said a lot about his opinion on the food. 

Just to give you a heads-up, the restaurant was actually a cordoned area within a food court and although there was hardly any ambience to speak off; at least i wasn't worried of being ripped off.

Write your order on the list, make payment at the counter and then wait.

Only the drinks need to be self-collected; for your food, they would be delivered right to your table. Make sure your order label is displayed prominently! 

Signature Fried Rice
Served almost cold, the rice was oily and lacked the wok-hei (essence) that Singaporeans are accustomed to in fried rice. Having said that, the flavour was still quite tasty with a peppery aftertaste. If only it was served piping hot! 

Cabbage Pork Dumpling
Honestly, these were normal. Personally, i am more into thin-skinned dumplings like xiaolongbao whereas the ones in Pin Xiang Yan had too thick a skin! 

Twice Cooked Pork Slices w Hot Sauce
Said to be double stir fried, i found the meat to be overly porky and a tad too dry for my liking! The co-stars, in this case the vegetables, tasted comparatively better after being coated with the delicious meat juice. 

Fried 3 Vegetables
This would be the second time i had this dish and it has yet to disappoint! Known as the three fresh vegetables from the ground, the ingredients are supposed to be potatoes, capsicums and eggplants. Over here, the capsicums have been substituted by green chilli. Nonetheless, the flavour was still incredibly appetising and savoury; certainly a dish you should eat with rice! 

Crispy Golden Prawn
One look and my heart told me this would be the worst of the lot. The truth was far from what i thought! It was in fact salted egg yolk prawns peppered with bits of chilli padi. Though the prawns used were not the meaty type we preferred, we could still vividly taste both the fresh seafood goodness of the prawns and the sinful richness of salted egg yolk! 

Signature Grilled Fish (Sea Bass)
You can see this on almost every table! 

Some of you might remember i am not a great fan of fish when i am dining outside as it is often exorbitantly priced and if given a choice, i would go with the nicer tasting crabs or prawns. For S$28, the sea bass was of a good size and very fresh! 

You might want to forgo the rice as there were some kind of glass noodles alike stuff within the sauce. Speaking of the sauce, we had to cater to Alex who doesn't like spicy food. In its original spicy form, i believe it would be damn shiok to have! 


10, Jurong East Street 12, #01-01B,
Kopi, Jurong East MRT Station

Call 9642-0322

Signature Fried Rice - S$5.00
Cabbage Pork Dumpling - S$5.00
Twice Cooked Pork Slices - S$8.00
Fried 3 Vegetables - S$8.00
Crispy Golden Prawn - S$15.00
Signature Grilled Fish (Sea Bass) - S$28.00
[No GST & No Service Charge]

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