Monday, November 11, 2013

Snorkeling Spot Right Outside Paya Beach Resort @ Tioman Island [Malaysia]

There was seriously no need for us to pay extra money for a snorkeling package at the neighbouring islands in Tioman; not when we found an even better spot right outside the Paya Beach resort!

Remember this place? I mentioned in a blog posting last month that "the channel between the above island and the mainland is one of the best we ever have". Today's the day when we travel there pictorially to have a closer look.

Depending on the tide, you might be able to make use of the sandbank to walk across to the island without wetting your pants. This would not pose a problem for snorkelers who will be wet anyway but for people like my mom who just wants to hide herself under the brolly decked in summer dress, suntan lotion and sunglasses; it can be a big issue!

A simple act of vandalism can add so much character to the numerous boulders surrounding the island although i don't cordon such behaviour! The funny thing was that i could not even comprehend the pronunciation and meaning for the two Chinese characters.

From the alfresco dining area of Paya Beach Resort, it was quite an okay walk of around 400-500 meters and took us roughly ten minutes. To be totally honest, the trek there can be quite tiring (walking on sand was seriously no fun) even though it was with a curious mindset that first got us checking out the area.

In the very beginning, i was careful and didn't dare venture far from the shore. The view underneath was more a devastating scene showcasing the aftermath of a volcanic eruption; white, powdery and devoid of any live activity.

As in life some times, we do have to push ourselves a little bit out of our comfort zone. Not too much as we never know what lurks beyond the unknown!

Never let down your guard as i did while enjoying myself tremendously in the water! I didn't realise the rock was right above me and before i knew it, i had to nurse a bleeding gash on my head! Thank god it wasn't serious!

More pictures of the amazing submerged world!

Alex taking a breather from all the snorkeling; if i remember correctly, our record for snorkeling was more than two hours! That's the reason why i am forever grateful to the inventor of life jacket! Imagine having to stay afloat continuously in the water without help for two hours!

Damn! I think i took way too many pictures. Oh well, maybe just to highlight again that we have two underwater cameras with us on this trip; one Olympus and the other Canon.

Found RM 5 on the surface! Not sure who it belonged to since we were the only two persons in the water.

These photographs were taken over two days; hence the significantly higher number of shots versus those i took on the snorkeling trip.

Croc shoes; an essential item to bring for snorkeling! For those who are clueless on what to bring on a vacation where snorkeling is a must-do, click here! Click here also on the bread bottle!

The amount of fishes increased with their variety as we swam out to the open sea; i even managed to see quite a number of anemones and elusive clownfish! I should not procrastinate any further to sign up for an open water diving certificate!

Me in the water! Given the strong affection both Alex and i have towards snorkeling, we thought it would make better sense (including hygienic reason) to purchase our very own snorkel mask set!

Last set of photos!

To conclude, i totally enjoyed my time in this little spot that was still quite isolated (guess the walk put some people off) with crystal clear water, boasted a good variety of fish and corals and commanded a depth that didn't result in me getting cold feet.


Location Map
As above.

Additional Information
I heard you can snorkel right in front of Paya Beach resort but i didn't try it for two reasons; one, the rocks underneath the water would likely cut your feet. Second, the area is quite near to the busy jetty!


  1. hope you are ok. Judging from the photos. Seems like lots of corals have died or are dying? Turning white.

    1. The wound has already healed! :) Thanks for your concern!

      It could be due to bleaching but i thought the corals in Tioman were better than Krabi (which was a result of the devastating tsunami) and even Redang. Gonna check out Perhentian next!


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