Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ear Wax Vacuum Cleaner - Cannot Beat the Conventional Ear Cleaner! @ Deals.com.sg

Like any normal human, i have the occasional urge to dig my nose and both my ears to ensure that they stay clear of any obstruction that could result in discomfort or embarrassment.

I have always been using the cheap metal digger to do the job despite the higher risk of injury. So when i saw this deal on deals.com.sg on a ear wax vacuum cleaner that proposed a SAFE, GENTLE and EFFECTIVE way to clear the debris; my heart told me to go for it!!

It didn't take long for the package to be delivered to my house (i paid an extra S$4.90 for courier service) and i must say i actually resisted from digging my ears during this waiting period as i wanted to try out the effectiveness of this new toy. 

For hygienic purposes, it came packaged with eight reusable silicone tips that you can distribute to the rest of your family members and a cleaning brush.

One useful function of the ear cleaner was the inclusion of a light that can be shone into the ear channel. Of course, this means you need someone to help you which in my opinion was a total waste of time unless you need to check it out for a child or just want to laugh at someone for having too much shit in their ears. 

The device was entirely wireless and operated by just two AA-sized batteries. There are two safety measures (the soft silicone tip and the safety guard) which would prevent you from entering too far into the ear channel. 

Think of this like using a light duty vacuum cleaner where everything is sucked into a compartment that required to be cleared at the end of each cleaning session. 

After having this for almost two weeks, i have to admit i wasn't satisfied with its capability. The vacuum power was simply too weak to create a strong enough suction to pull out my ear wax! If not, i guess i must have pretty stubborn ear wax that must be cleared by force! 

Nothing can beat the conventional ear digger.
And it only cost me S$1.


Ear Wax Vacuum Cleaner -S$9.90
Courier - Extra S$4.90

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