Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Albert Centre Fried Carrot Cake (源记正宗菜头粿) - Black and White @ Bugis [Singapore]

Our intention was simple; have the famous bak png (meat rice) and off we go to our next round of makan!

Simple yet without the bloody luck to have our way; the stall was closed! 

We chose the next best alternative based on the length of queue - fried carrot cake! p.s the basis may not be the most accurate given that individual taste buds differ. 

Again, I'm just not a white carrot cake person! My aim was only to attack the eggs and nothing else! 

The Great Kon made the correct decision by asking for extra black sauce as that delectable sweetness was obvious from the very first bite. 

Pity there's nothing that's as good beside that saccharine-ness. The sweetness was a bit overwhelming without the wok hei presence and the Gang of Four kinda ignored the dish after a few mouthfuls. 



270, Queen Street, Stall #01-59,
Albert Centre Market And Food Centre 
(near to Bugis Village and the famous Guanyin temple)

S$3 each

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