Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sliced Fish Soup @ West Coast Hawker Centre

Despite working in NUS for over five years, i can count using one hand the number of times i have dined at the nearby West Coast Hawker Centre; TWICE.

You should have seen the drop of my colleagues' jaws when they heard my answer! I have nothing personal against this hawker centre but strangely, i have never felt motivated to visit.

In the past few months since i rejoined NUS, my colleagues were often heard reminiscing about this particular sliced fish soup stall in West Coast and i was finally given an opportunity to step in to the hawker centre the third time in my life early this week. 

First step - take a sip of the soup and let it swirl around your tongue for a few seconds. Verdict - too bland. Problem? I didn't stir!!! =_=; so, after giving it a thorough stir, the soup tasted plain yet robustly flavourful, especially when you eat it with a bowl of white rice! Frankly, i would enjoy it better with the addition of flat fish although not all would share the same opinion. 

I was more impressed with the slices of fish which were thicker than most competitors and featured a smooth yet firm texture that said so much about their freshness! 


Block 726, Clementi West Street 2,
#01-138 [known popular as west coast hawker]

Sliced Fish Soup - Minimal S$4.50 
Rice - S$0.50


  1. wow! The fish slices are real thicker! Thicker than what most stalls give!

    1. ya! the favourite fish stall for a number of my colleagues. lol


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