Thursday, October 31, 2013

Renggis Island - Final Stop of the Full Day Snorkeling Trip @ Tioman Island [Malaysia]

Renggis Island and Coral Island were often grouped as the two islands to visit for a typical snorkeling package for most, if not all resorts in Tioman Island. 

What i didn't expect was that Renggis Island is amazingly small and should be more appropriately known as a sizable outcrop with a green canopy rather than an island. 

When it comes to snorkeling, whether an island is big or small is inconsequential! What's more important are the variety of marine life, the quantity of them and the beauty of the scenery that greets you as you plunge into the water.
As far as underwater scenery is concerned, Renggis Island doesn't have much to offer as you could probably attest from the many photographs above. It was not too bad although i personally would prefer Teluk Genting in Coral Island

Variety was one of the better ones where i can see fishes of various sizes and different colours. In my case, catching sight of a clownfish while snorkeling would be a bonus! 

A lot of sea urchins with eyes that should belong to a sci-fi movie! Given the depth of the seawater, my legs were thankfully not long enough to step on one. See! Here's one of many benefits for not being tall! 

Quantity wise, i rest my case. 

Damn, this resort is so near to Renggis Island! If we stayed here, i can bet with you we would be as dark as charcoal when we return to Singapore! Anyone can tell me what resort is this?!


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