Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dino-Soarin' - A Kiddy Ride on the Pterodactyls @ Jurassic Park [Universal Studios Singapore]

Dino-Soarin' in Universal Studios Singapore (USS) - when i first explored the theme park back in 2011 under the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences' family day, i thought this ride must have been the most unexciting in the whole of USS.

Take a look - you can easily find this kind of fly around ride catered for the kids even in small scale fun fairs at Singapore's temporary night markets (known locally as pasar malams).

However, take a step backwards and try to recollect the basic purpose of a theme park - to provide entertainment for everyone in the family and that includes very young children (not infants though) who would not have met the minimum height requirements for most rides in USS.

With this mindset (and that i have an annual pass now), it was decided to give Dino-Soarin' a try in my recent trip to the theme park. No doubt, it was embarrassing to have two adult men joining the queue when everyone seemed to have a kid beside them!

Pterodactyls cars - Heck, i don't even know how to pronounce pterodactyls even though these ancient birds were commonly seen in movies revolving around dinosaurs.

What was thought to be a boring ride turned out to be pretty entertaining; thanks to the above button. In order to "fly" your pterodactyl, you have press and hold the button.

Going up gradually was nothing; it was the abrupt descent that was fun! How i wish i have brought Jovyn along! 

By the way, it would be quite a squeeze to have two persons in the car. Could we actually use the pterodactyl's feet as a helpful hanger for my big bag during the ride? 


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  1. Jessica4:25 AM

    Is the descent not controllable? Now I'm scared.

    1. It's controllable and definitely not as thrilling as the rest of the rides at universal studios singapore. :)


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