Friday, February 22, 2013

Biggie Chilli Burger @ Mel's Drive-In [Universal Studios Singapore]

The very first time i was at Universal Studios Singapore as part of the faculty's family day, my eyes were drawn to the retro and cool looking Mel's Drive In, which was based on a 1973 (American Graffiti). 

I was keen to have my lunch at the diner that day but as luck had it; the whole faculty seemed to have the same thinking as me. Once i stepped in during lunchtime, it's not hard to see that the place was filled with my colleagues from other departments! 

Sixth visit -  it took me this long to finally patronise the fast food restaurant that sells American favourite fare; burgers! With my annual pass, frequent visitation is a must and i get a 10% discount as well! 

Don't ask me why but i finally decided on getting the biggie chilli burger set (thinking back, i think it was the onions in the picture). Bring along your souvenir water bottle and use it for the drink that comes with the set! This is yet another benefit of buying the bottle. For the other advantages, please click here

First impression; the bun was too healthy looking (give me sesame seeds and more of that oily sheen please!) and the patty was half that thickness it should have been according to the menu board. Is food covered under Singapore's lemon law? 

Whatever the case, taste matters most. However, i had to lower my expectation of this burger since we have plenty of fast food restaurants in Singapore to indulge in burgers.

Price wise - at S$12, it was comparable to Carl's Junior. Taste wise - it was more like Big Mac from McDonald's (i guess further explanation is not required on how a big mac tastes like). Heck was i disappointed! Biggie, it wasn't and the chilli did not result in the 'kick' locals look forward to! 

If it's any consolation, i quite like the fries.


Hollywood Zone
Universal Studios Singapore
Sentosa Island

As Above [Mel's Drive In serves desserts, hot dogs and even a vegetarian burger]

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