Sunday, March 18, 2012

Malaysia Style Hokkien Mee in Grandma's [it's so local] Restaurant @ Nex Mall

Ask any Singaporean to describe Hokkien Mee and it would likely involve yellow noodles with white beehoon stir fried with a mix of squid, egg and a few prawns.

The Hokkien Mee in Grandma's is unlike the above description, as far as colour is concerned.

"How come so black?" is the usual comment from a typical Singaporean who has never been to Malaysia (specifically Kuala Lumpur). Thankfully, i had this dark soy sauce based dish a few years ago in Kuala Lumpur and knew what to expect when i ordered it in Grandma's.

Another notable difference is the egg noodles; thick and fat, which according to mom is likely the king of carbohydrates! The nemesis of any dieting programme you have in mind.

Given the price of S$8.90, this recommended mee from Grandma's had more than the customary prawns and squids. I could also find pieces of chicken and no less than four pacific clams (known as baobei, 鲍贝)!

Taste wise; it bears no resemblance to Singapore style hokkien mee but i enjoyed the intensively rich wok-hei flavour that flowed out every time i loudly slurped in the oily strands of dark noodles.

It was yummy although it could be better with the addition of huge, crispy pork lards, which are standard condiments for the Hokkien Mee back in Malaysia.


23, Serangoon Central,
#B1-15, Serangoon Nex Mall

Hokkien Mee - S$8.90
Subject to GST and Service Charge

Additional Information
Water available upon request at no additional cost.

The promotion of S$0.60 for selected desserts and drinks is still ongoing since my last visit in November last year. This time round, we chose two glasses of grass jelly!

For the last item, we decided to go ahead with Cendol even though i wasn't impressed with it the last time. Gula melaka was added this time. Unfortunately, all of us felt that it was still not up to standard.

For my post on Grandma's signature Nasi Lemak, please click HERE.


  1. Hi Cavin, may I know if this is a HALAL restaurant? The Hokkien Noodle KL style, is so tempting! Thanks for this post.
    God Bless!

  2. Your posts make me miss Singapore. I just moved back to California after living there for about a year and a half. I loved it.

  3. Hi Layfun

    It would be even more tempting with pork lard (at least for me)!

    OKay, coming to your question, Grandma's doesn't serve pork and uses halal suppliers but because they serve beer, they could not get Halal certification. :)

    1. Thanks for this info!

    2. Anonymous10:02 AM


  4. Hi Flora,

    Time to come back for a long holiday to partake on local food! Singapore food is always well missed whenever i am overseas so i can understand how you feel.


  5. To eat halal food is very important in islam the quran has defined the difference between halal and haraam so we should have to eat halal
    halal food new york.

  6. To be a vegetarian would be my best bet. Since i am unable to do that, i think i should not discriminate the rest of the meat in the market.



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