Friday, June 24, 2011

Muthu's Curry @ Dempsey Hill

Ask me two years ago if i have dined at any of the Indian curry restaurants in Singapore and my answer will be a straight, affirmative "no".

Things are different now; i have been to Samy's Curry twice and my most recent curry visit was to Muthu's Curry.

My Caucasian boss actually prefers Muthu's Curry even though i have no idea what the differences are. To me, curry is spicy, hot and elicits liquid beads of perspiration from my scalp.

Anyway, the most obvious difference (at least visually) between Muthu and Samy is the decor. Both are located within the exclusive Dempsey area but Muthu's decor is more in line with the high class environment.

Let's start on food now - Cavin is more concerned on food taste than decor! The accolades and certificates were definitely assuring.

Papadum! I seriously have no idea what's so good about these plain, crunchy biscuit like stuff but i just cannot resist them!

As usual, you get a plate layered with a piece of banana leaf, rice and a few side dishes. In my case, it's curry brinjal and stir-fried vegetables.

Vegetable Golden Coin
Bite sized biscuit that looked like a type of Chinese New Year cookie; this was way too spicy for me! Even the cashew nut failed to generate much interest from me.

Fish and Potato Cutlet
The best way to describe this is "curry puff".

A damn good appetiser with mushy fish-potato mix rich in Indian spices.

Muthu's Prawns 65
Don't ask what the number 65 signifies - i have no idea!

Not bad although my vote will go for wasabi prawns anytime. That's the problem when you live in Singapore; you can compare across so many cuisines!

Mushroom Pepper Fry
This gave me the impression of black pepper chicken procured from any Chinese economical stalls in the coffee shops!

Would have been really delicious if the chef could eliminate the starch-like stuff surrounding the mushrooms.

Stir Fry Chicken Pepper
I might be a crazy adrenaline junkie‎ but numbing hot curry with "generous amount of ground pepper" will not be accorded the same treatment! Unless it's a dare with substantial reward!

Stir Fry Mysore Mutton
Too hot for my tongue again!! And it could do with more fats...

I have to add that my other colleagues love the way these Indian spices invigorate and excite their taste buds. NOT ME!!!

Squid Sambal
One dish i confirm will order in my next visit!

It wasn't as fiery hot with a slight tinge of sweetness that went well with plain rice. And the sotong was so tenderly soft that my teeth used minimal effort to break it down!


Block 7, Dempsey Road,
#01-01 (Tel: 6474-5128)

Basics - S$3
Vegetable Golden Coin - S$6.90
Fish and Potato Cutlet - S$4 a piece
Muthu's Prawns 65 - S$12
Mushroom Pepper Fry - S$9
Stir Fry Chicken Pepper - S$10
Stir Fry Mysore Mutton - S$10
Squid Sambal - S$7

Subject to GST and Service Charge. Plenty of iced water is available at no additional cost!

Additional Information
The bill was not as exorbitant as i expected for such a wide spread of food! Coupled that with nice ambience too. :)

For that authentic feel, eat with your right hand! It's not easy and i am more incline to use the spoon and fork.

Non-air-conditioned seating is available right outside although i seriously don't understand why anyone would choose to sweat more under the hot and humid weather.

It's DEMPSEY - you will never starve! Block 7 has around eight dining establishments for you to choose from and it's only one of the several blocks in the vicinity.

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