Sunday, June 26, 2011

Swiss Grill (Portabello Burger & Grilled Meatballs with Duo Cheese) @ Coronation Plaza (Bukit Timah Road)

Brought to you by the same group of people that gives us Swiss Butchery, this bistro is not very noticeable even though it is tucked in an 'ancient' shopping mall along the traffic-busy Bukit Timah Road.

However, 29 reviewers on HungryGoWhere gave it a high recommended rating of 9.0! That again proves the point that wherever good food exists, location is usually not a problem.

Having said that, everyone is different and the only way to know whether the food is good or not is to try it personally.

Mushroom Soup
This was good - as good as what you can get from a usual can of campbell soup with more mushrooms thrown in.

Don't get me wrong, i love campbell's mushroom soup and it's true that some restaurants could not even match that taste but at S$7.90 a bowl, this is not something i will order again in the future.

Roasted Tomato Soup
On its own, the initial few mouthfuls were not that big a difference from the savoury tomato base i am accustomed to have on my pasta; except that it was more watery.

Unfortunately, without the pasta to dilute the sauce, you get an increasingly overbearing sensation with each additional spoonful.

Grilled Meatballs with Duo Cheese
This was delicious!! It's like a combo of cheesy lasagna with grilled meatballs, pieces of bacon and mushrooms thrown in for that additional kick.

The only complaint i had was the insufficient meat-tomato sauce. It's too good and was like a perfect companion to the complementary bread.

I would have loved to show you more pictures but the night was drawing near and lighting conditions were not favourable (if you must, you may also blame it on the quality of my camera).

Swiss Portabello Burger
With premium ingredients like grilled chuck beef, bacon cheddar cheese and creamed portabello mushroom, i thought i have found a fierce competitor to counter de burg decadence.

It was better than a normal burger and could have been even better if the burger bun is changed. I was a bit disappointed although i have to admit that separately, the juicy beef and creamy mushrooms were rated pretty high on my taste bar.


587, Bukit Timah Road,
#01-05 Coronation Shopping Plaza

Opening Hours
(for Swiss Grill)
Tue-Sun: 11.30am to 10pm
Closed on Monday

Mushroom Soup - S$7.90
Roasted Tomato Soup - S$7.90
Grilled Meatballs with Duo Cheese - S$14.90
Swiss Portabello Burger - S$15.90

Full menu pricing is available at their website located at There is no Service Charge and apparently no GST although there is a sale tax in the receipt that works out to be about 6%.

Additional Information
Seating options are pretty limited and the Gang of Four had no choice but to choose the alfresco area after the friendly service staff had kindly informed us that the air-conditioned unit is not working.

Since the butchery is in the same shop, special dishes may be available and they shall be listed in this wooden board outside the shop. The incredibly good grilled meatballs with duo cheese is one such dish that is not listed on the normal menu.

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