Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kok Kee Wanton Noodle (国记云吞面) @ Lavender Food Square

When you mention wanton noodles to any Singaporean who is a true blue noodle connoisseur, the name "Kok Kee" or "that stall from Lavender Hawker Centre" is usually mentioned as one of the best in this tiny red dot.

I was introduced to this stall by Mr Kon (the human food guide) and i remembered it was expensive, the queue was long and i cleaned the noodles in a few mouthfuls!

One look at this plate of wanton mee (云吞面) and it's common to elicit comments like "look very normal leh", "like this also must queue so long ah?", "how come the char siew is not char ta (burnt)?".

Wait a moment! Wait till you have taken a bite! I do agree that the slices of pale looking char siew were nothing extraordinary. In fact, all the stuff on top of the noodles tasted dead normal.

The thing that keeps people from coming back regularly comes from this pot at the counter.

Drenched onto the noodles as the last of its procedure before serving to the customers, this unique sauce is the very essence of this dish and was marvellously light with a gentle sweetness to it.

According to a customer who claimed to be a regular for more than 30 years, the noodles were handmade, resulting in springy strands thinner than typical mee kia and partnered really well with the sauce!


Need I say more on my verdict?

However, note that this is not the typical Singapore style wanton noodles and may not sit well for people who expect a similar variant.

380 Jalan Besar,
#01-06 Lavender Food Square

S$5 was ordered (even though a S$4 is available) as i was sharing with my mom. For a non air-conditioned venue, this is the most expensive wanton noodles i have ever paid.

But it is worth every penny!

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  1. who can provide Kok Kee contact ? many thanks


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