Thursday, June 16, 2011

Albert Street Prawn Noodle (亚巴街大虾面) - Revisitation @ Lavender Food Square

It's been so freaking long since i last visited Lavender Food Square for the smacking good prawn noodles!

Granted i did blog on this particular stall two years back, it's always good to recheck the food in case there is a change in quality or an enhancement for my taste buds. For your information, they can run either positively or negatively and be affected by factors like mood and physical condition.

My bad though; instead of ordering the normal S$3 prawn noodles (that would be easier for comparison), the words that came out of my mouth were something like: "Auntie, one bowl of big prawn noodles. S$5 one hor. And give me extra pork lard".

The amount of deep fried pork lards floating on the soup was sufficient reason for me to keep swallowing my saliva while queuing for the famous wanton noodles at nearby Kok Kee (sounds like cocky; gosh)....

Back on my table, i whacked the prawn noodles immediately! The crustacean sweet broth was still as delicious as i remember. Although I should have requested for another type of noodles; don't really fancy thick yellow noodles.

At S$5.00, marginally bigger prawns were given and the prawn noodles came nicely in a claypot. Personally, i guess i would be as equally satisfied with the normal S$3 order.


380, Jalan Besar
Lavender Food Square #01-10

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