Monday, April 18, 2011

Loui's NY Pizza Parlour @ Universal Studios Singapore (USS)

When you are in a theme park of a considerable size and time is limited, the fastest and most efficient way to satisfy your hunger is to patronise the usually overpriced restaurants or food courts located within the park.

That's what exactly what we did in USS! An air-conditioned place was exactly what we need in that burning weather to prevent the onset of a heat stroke.

Loui's NY Pizza Parlour attracted us with its brightly coloured facade and a cuisine that isn't as common as local fare like chicken rice or nasi lemak! Who, in their right mind, will pay S$9 for a plate of normal nasi lemak that might only cost S$3 on mainland Singapore?

Ordering is IKEA-style; you bring your plate, queue up, order with the service staff, collect your food and pay at the cashier! Simple enough.

Here's what we had.

Mushroom Soup
Quality mushroom soup is noticeable at one glance and once you know how to differentiate, you will never see Campbell's mushroom soup in the same light again!

Generous pulpy mushroom bits set in a rich, creamy broth peppered with crunchy croutons, this is what quality is all about! I regretted not ordering an additional bowl for myself!

Loui's Beef Lasagna
Presentation wise, this looked like something my dog will pass out on a bad stomach day. With a dollop of white vomit if the condition is more serious.

According to the menu bar, this is supposed to be homemade! If my mom cooked as bad as this, i would never allow her to put this on the menu. She can insist over my dead body!

Okay lah, actually it passed the taste test. Just that the pasta was too hard; the result of an extended period of time in the oven. Hm..... The lasagna from Buckaroo is so much better!

Hawaiian Pizza
With a few available selection, it's always safe to stick with Singapore's favourite pizza; the Hawaiian.

And Loui's version is huge with a thin crust!!! Worth it and totally suitable for the older generation who cannot digest too much carbohydrates!

Margherita Pizza
This is another choice although i didn't really enjoy the ingredients for this pizza. After a while, the crust actually tasted a bit like roti prata!!

When i wrote huge, i meant it to be bigger than my face!!!

Original NY Honey Wings
These were damn delicious even though i am not a big fan for chicken skin that isn't crispy! There was a uniquely strong flavour that I initially cannot put my finger on what it really was.

Rummaging through my memory, it finally dawned on me! The juicy chicken wings must have been marinated with burger king's bacon sauce with added honey!


Within New York Zone of Universal Studios Singapore (USS).

Mushroom Soup - S$4.80
Loui's Beef Lasagna - S$9.30
Hawaiian Pizza (Per Slice) - S$8.50
Margherita Pizza (Per Slice) - S$8.50
Original NY Honey Wings (3 pcs) - S$5.30

Inclusive of GST and No Service Charge

Additional Information
There are four of you and each of you is hungry enough to devour a cow?
Get the gigantic pizza at S$38 (six slices)!

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