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Authentic Hong Kong Dim Sum (香港点心) @ Victor's Kitchen

When Victor's Kitchen started its operation in a tiny shop within Sunshine Plaza a few years back, everyone was raving on its highly authentic dim sum (点心) since the boss aka the chef hails from Hong Kong!

This small outfit proved to be such a success; another shop space was rented purely to cater to the increased customer flow that eventually spilled to squeezy dining along the narrow walkway.

Now, Victor's Kitchen has yet again moved to another shop within the same plaza but this time, it's a consolidated bigger shop for better efficiency (i believe).

And after a long hiatus (of at least four to five years), it's time for me to have another try-out at this dim sum place that used to be my regular makan haunt!

H.K Summer Ice Tea
Novel presentation since the ice cubes were placed outside the cup in a separate bowl. A bit too extra i admit although the good thing about it was that the melting ice cubes do not dilute the milk tea further.

For record, it is of the stocking milk tea (丝袜奶茶) variant which is very thin and would not do with further dilution. The high price this drink commanded is definitely not within my comfort zone.

H.K Special Ice Lemon Tea
Looking at the width of these slices of lemon, I thought the word natural would make a better name instead of special.

Expectedly, there's nothing too special on the taste; just that sugar was added sparingly in this not-that-big cup of lemon tea.

Nemo's Porridge
Plain congee with nominal pieces of fish meat and century egg - way too bland for my liking. The porridge in Albert Centre just a few hundred meters is a better substitute. Best of all, at a cheaper price too.

Yu Tiao Cheong Fun
A watered down version of the Spring Rolls in Chee Cheong Fun from Mayim; the fulfillment level is not the same judging from the serving size.

Taste wise, it was okay provided you eat it with the sweet paste on the side and it could be better if the soggy crullers are hot and crispy!

Fried Wanton
Seriously, menu names are very important to entice diners to order and though the Chinese version sounds much more appetising, the same could not be attributed to its English translation.  

This item is a must-order despite the plain, to-the-point English title and the oily outlook of deep fried flour that would not be accepted by health freaks!

The cackling sound resulting from each bite certainly contributed to some mess but it was the small dish of vinegar-like sauce that made this uniquely outstanding!

Victor's King Prawn Dumpling
My take on har gao (虾饺) has always been fresh, meaty prawns and a thin layer of crystal cover that is nicely lubricated. So long the aforementioned criterions are met, i am satisfied.

No complaint on the har gao from Victor's Kitchen.

Shrimp Dumpling w Kau Choy
The younger generation usually hates chinese chives (kau choy) due to the overpowering smell/taste and for me, the aversion to them only subsided in my mid 20s (where the word younger is no longer applicable).

I like what i had in Victor's Kitchen - the kay choy was not as pungent and in fact, had a light fragrance i personally found to be refreshing! Having shrimps mixed in was a nice touch that addeds a seafood sweetness to the dumplings.

Golden Egg Yolk Lava Bun
Die-die-must-order!!!! And never, ever ask for take-away!!

Served steaming hot from the pot is the best time to eat this but don't bite it straightaway. Using your fingers, tear it apart right from the middle and greet the beautiful shades of yellow that ooze out! Greet it with your tongue that is.

Attractiveness aside, it was a sinful medley of addictive sensation switching rapidly from creaminess, oiliness, sweetness and saltiness!



For the sake of the delicious lava buns, i have to go back again!

91, Bencoolen Street,
#01-49, Sunshine Plaza

H.K Summer Ice Tea - S$2.00
H.K Special Ice Lemon Tea - S$2.50
Nemo's Porridge - S$3.50
Yu Tiao Cheong Fun - S$3.00
Fried Wanton - S$2.50
Victor's King Prawn Dumpling - S$4.00
Shrimp Dumpling w Kau Choy - S$3.50
Golden Egg Yolk Lava Bun - S$3.50

Cross out items mean that they are either sold out or not available that day.
No Service Charge. No GST.

Additional Information
Victor's Kitchen is closed on Monday!!

Do remember to check through your order list and confirm it with the deliverables when you pay. Mis-communication can happen (they sent a wrong item to us and charged us for an additional basket of dim sum).

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