Saturday, May 01, 2010

Mayim Chinese Cuisine (天乐里精品食馆) @ Northpoint

My close friends know how much i adore mayim! From its first outlet in West Mall to the second outlet in Northpoint, i have always been a strong supporter!!

Truth is, my mom loves mayim and hinting works very well for her.

Pictorial Entry!!

Pickled cabbage! 
Compared to Kimchi, this was a tad sweeter (which i prefer)

Roast Duck with Peanuts!
Love this for the additional plum sauce!

Spanish Fried Rice!
Surprisingly, this very plain looking fried rice was in fact very very good!

Fried Chicken in Sweet Sauce!
An everytime order. Meat was soft, tender with a very addictive sweet sauce.

Prawn Chee Cheong Fun!
Besides having bigger prawns, the sauce made all the difference to this dish.

Pan-fried Dumplings!
Filled with chunks of meat, these were pretty good but the taste was a bit overbearing after two servings.

Chee Cheong Fun with Spring Rolls!
A fabulous creation that had the additional 'crunch'!

Red Bean Paste Pancake with Banana!
Look at that overflowing red bean paste! Eat it while it's hot. The taste will alter once it's cold!

This group of stuff no nice; pan fried bun, golden fried pastry with chicken and pork and deep fried prawn dumpling (respectively).  

Yishun (Northpoint): #02-01
Bukit Batok (West Mall): #02-04

Additional Information
Queues are the norm during peak dining hours and it will be better to make a reservation first (northpoint: 6758-3168, westmall: 6794-1590).

The pricing is really economical depending on what you order. Rule of thumb; order only one item of each dish!! Don't be greedy!!

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