Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wish List for Sitex 2010

Wish List
for Sitex 2010

Like any man, technological gadgets intrigue me and i always try to make it a point to visit the big computer fairs happening 4 times a year in Singapore!

The problem is; there's a BIG difference between need and want and not coming from a rich family means i have to control my expenses.... And the best way to curb my expenses is to stop myself from stepping into the exhibition halls (i hate the jams and crowds anyway).

I was thinking of doing exactly that for Sitex 2010 until Ms SaNeVa Tan sent me a link that has scanned copies of various pamphlets, brochures showing promotions, new gadgets etc from the vendors!!!

Still remember how stress i am whenever i sense that my baggage is going to be overweight while overseas? That's when the balanzza digital luggage scale is the right thing to bring overseas! It weighs up to 44 kilograms and is a featherweight 100 grams!

We all know that iPhone is a marvelous gadget! However it's not perfect; one shortcoming is the relatively short battery life. What happen when you are outside and will not be back home for another 6 hours and your iPhone has only 5% battery left?!  Get the following!

I don't know about you but i do use Photoshop and is terrible in using the mouse to do my selection!! My trainer had advised us to use digital tablet (which is really precise (provided you have no parkinson disease) and expensive! Here's another brand besides Wacom and Bamboo.

Having a cordless phone is a great convenience for my mom while she is cooking! She hates to use her mobile phone unless you call her (free incoming). I have inherited her talkative-ness so you can imagine how helpful these gadgets can be! 

Since i purchased my DSLR camera half a year ago, my need for hard disk has increased tremendously! I bought a 1 terabyte (TB) hard disk and it is reaching its maximum capacity!! An upgrade to the new baby-2 TB hard disk!

It was common to find hi-fi in many households 10 years back before iPod comes into play. Nowadays, with so many of us having iPod or iPhone or both, it's more convenient to have a mini system to sync your mp3 and enjoy the music directly!


For a comprehensive list for Sitex 2010, please click HERE. And get your butt going because this popular event in Singapore Expo is ending tomorrow (28 November 2011)!!!

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