Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wing Wah Wife's Cake (榮華老婆饼)

Wing Wah Wife's Cake

Since that disappointing incident a year ago, my mouth had not touched a single morsel of wife's cake (or wife's biscuit) - truth is i didn't have any at home!

Hence, imagine my surprise to find a box lying on the table when i got home one fine day! The result of a business trip the pig sister had to Hong Kong.

Opening a fresh pack impatiently, i took a bite off the nicely baked cake/biscuit that is the must-buy whenever you visit Hong Kong!

Eh... How come taste so different from the usual?

Thanks to the red bean and chestnut filling, the taste was distinctly different from the usual (and commonly used) winter melon filling!

Having just red bean will be too normal as it is one of the most frequently used ingredients for most Chinese pastries.

The addition of chestnut bits perfectly complemented the not-too-sweet red bean filling and created a special class of wife's biscuits not seen anywhere else (at least for e moment)!

Now, who else is going Hong Kong?

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