Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Golden Swine Migration (金猪移民)

Mom: According to the expert fengshui master, the house needs a golden pig! Bangkok might sell it much cheaper. Help me keep a lookout!

Me: Ha? But the material is breakable right? And you want something big right? How to fit into our luggage?

Mom: I will carry it onto the plane.

The above was the said huge golden piggy my mom hand carried all the way from Bangkok; successfully bypassing all the necessary immigration checks.

Just to show you how big it is using my iPhone as a comparison!

The plural of pig was used for a reason; i saw two small and cute golden ones when my mom was haggling over the price with the lady in Yaowarat road.....

I have to buy them to add to my collection!!! Maybe i will have better luck after purchasing them!

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