Monday, June 14, 2010

Ninja Warriors (Urban Attack 2010) @ Velocity, Novena Square

Okay lah, not the original Ninja Warrior we watched on television. But at least this is something similar with physically draining obstacles for the competitors!!

Titled Urban Attack, it was exciting to see the competitors pushing their limits to clear each stage (six obstacles in total)!

Let's take a look at all six of them!

The rolling pin! Cheat one lah!

If not for the safety gadget, most would not have passed the first stage! Look at how this lady was using her body weight to lift herself!

Looked pretty easy right? Most have no problem with this but the balls were really bouncy!

The first few competitors did what they thought was normal; jumped and grabbed the net.

Wrong move!

Pull yourself up, back facing the water and slowly make yourself to the other end!

This must be the easiest! Such bloody big holes!!! And the running track was moving too slow!

Most difficult of them all! By this time, the competitors would be really exhausted (remember, they are racing against time).

Shorter people (like me) are greatly disadvantaged! Our arms are not long enough to grab the poles leh!!

Failed! Not her fault lah... The poles were too far apart...

I am not sure where the sixth obstacle was. Was the stopping of the timer it? Update me if you know!

Watching this from the 3rd level at Kopitiam, all the diners by the side window were so excited whenever a person dropped into the water. Hahaha.

(Supposed to place a picture of my biceps here)
Not big enough.

It was tempting to try out and test my physical capability but registration has closed leh.



  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    The trampoline was considered 1 obstacle while the cargo net was another... thought it was 1 as well but they considered it as 2 separate obstacles.

  2. thanks man! i was wondering about it for so long! hahaha


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