Friday, April 23, 2010

Japanese Ramen (日本拉面) @ Daikokuya (大黒屋) - Paragon Shopping Centre

A good bowl of ramen is really only dependent on two factors;
the soup and the noodles.

That is what i learnt after patronising three different ramen restaurants (the other two being Ippudo and Men-ichi) within two weeks! The experience has not made me a connoisseur, but i guess it has impressed on me certain standard when it comes to ramen.

Based on a reliable source (a friend who is really into Japanese culture and food), today's highlight will be on Daikokuya Ramen.

Serving four different styles of ramen, we were one person short to have the full series! A mini sampling version was available, but hunger had set in and visually (and psychologically), a mini bowl was not just filling!

The Styles

Kyushu Style Tonkotsu Ramen
A broth supposedly made by boiling pork bones over 12 hours, the soup was light without being too salty. The bamboo shoots were surprisingly edible since my perception of them has always been kinda smelly.

The noodles were thin, springy; a perfect complement to the ramen.

Two to three pieces of pork belly accompanied my ramen. They were juicy with fats.... literally more than 50% fats!!! So tasty, so sinful yet so disgusting! I can imagine the fats swirling in my stomach!


That said, the whole bowl of ramen was cleaned out pretty fast, exception being the two big chunks of pure fatty tissues!!

Sapporo Style Cha Shu Ramen
After my prior initiation to Cha Shu at Ippudo, the ones in Daikokuya seriously lacked the flavour and taste.

I was actually puzzled because the fermented soybean soup base (typical for sapporo style) was thick and creamy rich but the Cha Shu seemed to have absorb little or none of the savouriness.

Tokyo Style Spicy Miso Ramen
My comment about this ramen will not be a fair judgment.

Ms Hannah Lim (the order-er) is a chilli padi person. Spicy based ramen should be good enough for most of us. She took the extra step by asking for extra chilli!!

I don't take a lot of chilli!!

To be a bit fairer, the Cha Shu were a lot better than the ones submerged in the Sapporo style ramen! Despite the intense chilli sensation, the Cha Shu were more fragrant with more taste in them!


Lavishly titled as salted cod roe pan-fried dumplings with spring onion & mayonnaise, this common Japanese dish was disappointing no different from the normal gyozas!

Maybe i should try the normal ones next time.

Thick, fresh salmon! Look at the perfect cut.
I am craving for this right now!!

Basement B1, Unit 47 (#B1-47)
Paragon Shopping Centre at Orchard Road (Opposite Takashimaya).

Kyushu Style Tonkotsu Ramen - S$13.90
Sapporo Style Cha Shu Ramen - S$16.90
Tokyo Style Spicy Miso Ramen - S$13.80
Gyozas (Fancifully Named) - S$6.80
Salmon Sashimi - Forgot the price.

Cannot remember if 10% Service Charge or 7% GST is added. Knowing restaurants in Orchard, the chance of including them should be very high.

Additional Information

Just some information sharing. The waitress/waiter will usually recommend you to get the flavoured egg at S$2 each, provided it is not part of your ramen.

Essentially a hard boiled egg with a half runny egg yolk, this may enhance the palatibility of your ramen but at S$2 each, it's a rip off! Compared to my mom's hard boiled eggs in braised pork, it's really a no fight.

My mom's version wins, hands down!

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