Thursday, April 08, 2010

Hakka Restaurant (客家饭店) @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Conveniently located opposite the Pavilion shopping complex, this place took a very special place in Mr Kon's heart. He can still remember how good the food tasted, although it was more than 10 years since his last visit.
Staring at the almost empty restaurant with plastic chairs on a super hot day can be so so so so unnerving. Thoughts running my mind include :"so little people, food not good ah?" and "bloody weather is killing me, i don't want to get heatstroke!!".

Restaurants with no aircon should be outlawed!!! Excusable only if their prices are super duper cheap!
Our worries were unfounded as an aircon section (half filled) was available for people like me. And chairs that looked worthy to be in a restaurant setting!
Only captions are available for the pictures! That's the problem when i blogged about a place so long after the visit.

My human 'memory card' has limited space leh.
*30 liao lor*
The Good

This ice cold sago dessert was refreshing for the mouth, the throat and the body when the weather was hellish hot!!

The Okay

This stir fried pork with eggs, mushroom and strands of bird nest looked good but tasted okay only nia... You have to wrap it with the lettuce provided but the combination was not that great. Ju Shin Jung was way way way better!

By itself, this simple tofu dish was pretty unique (another nice way of saying it tasted weird). It would however go well with plain rice.

Like what i have always emphasized, prawns can NEVER EVER taste as good as prawns that are shelled. Prawns cooked with oats will be the only exception.

It's just fresh, greenie vegetables with ikan bilis! What would you expect from me? "So fresh until i can feel the dew drops"? Hahaha.

I have tasted much better chicken than this in Malaysia and Singapore.

With such a thick layer of fat, it was initially quite savoury but the salt content of the "mei cai" was a bit too high. Points deducted! The best "mei cai kou rou" i had was from this lunch in Yunnan, near to the world famous Stone Forest.

Sighz.... these contained mostly pork meat and i seriously didn't remember any crab flavour. Well, overall still okay lah. Should be delicious if i wasn't so full.

Some fried noodles. I could easily buy this from any nasi lemak stall in Singapore. Taste wise, marginally (very very slightly) better than those nasi lemak stalls.

The Bad

Visually, this Sea Coconut dessert was appealing but it's the first time i had sea coconut so hard and munchy!! Are they really sea coconut? The sweetness and sourness (from the lemon) of the soup didn't gel up to a distinctive taste as well. 

Although i am a late bloomer for Yong Tau Foo, i can said with full confidence that the hakka style yong tau foo in Hakka Restaurant sucked big time!! The gravy was okay but the tau kee (i think that's the name) and meat balls were too hard.

Quite a disappointment even though Hakka Restaurant was quite renowned in KL. My preference whenever i am in KL will indisputably be Restoran Overseas.

We paid RM 240.46! Sorry hor, cannot remember the price for each dish.
By the way, the above includes 5% service charge and 5% government tax.

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