Monday, February 08, 2010

Night Market at Chinatown 2010 (牛车水年货市场)

With Chinese New Year (CNY) fast approaching in less than a week, one key attraction for all Singaporeans (regardless of races and religions) is the leisure strolling amongst the temporary night markets for CNY, notably in "where else but" Chinatown.

Though it is well-known as the night market to go before CNY where you can soak in the festive mood with its beautiful light-up, i personally prefer to go during the daytime when the sun is hot and sweat is guaranteed to wet my boxer shirt.

It is too BLOOODY crowded at night!!!!!!!

Not being able to move along a street is one irritating thing but being pushed while you are looking at some interesting things (like food etc) is f*cking annoying!!!! And being small sized, i cannot help but to go with the flow~~~~.

Anyway, it was still quite crowded on a Friday afternoon though it was a far cry from the CNY eve i went two years back. Some stalls, though the percentage was rather small, were not open for business at around 1pm.

Some pictures for you!!
*warning: a lot of them*

It's the year of the tiger!! Expect loads of tiger soft toys!!

Makan Makan

Dried Cod Fish Jerky

Dried Nuts

This shop sells nothing but CNY decorations!

Japanese Jelly or are they Taiwanese Jelly?

Glittering windmills toys! I used to play this when i was a kid. It's a pity this thing doesn't operate like a fan. I stank horribly that day!

Festive Biscuits by the THOUSANDS

Dried Pessimons! It's actually a very tasty snack!

Red packets for the kids and er... singles!! Like me!!

Nice, brightly colored cushion covers for sale!

Mochi!! These soft soft snacks from Taiwan have been very popular in recent years!

Dried Fruits

Besides the red red gold gold decorative items, this stall sells sparklers too!! In fireworks deprived Singapore, this is the best we can get.

If i have a niece, i sure buy this! But mine is a nephew and i will risk being murdered by my sister if i ever buy this for him!!

Dried Fruits Again

Anyone fancies a whole leg of ham???

You need someone to write a calligraphic couplets for your door? For a fee, it's always possible here!

It's on a Friday more than a week before the big day (CNY) and the queue was already around 200-300 meters long outside this super popular Bak Kwa Shop; Lim Chee Guan!!

The market has so many things; you can even find a basket of sexy, grandmother-style bras for sale.

This is only part of the market!!!
Explore it yourself for the full enjoyment!!

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