Sunday, February 07, 2010

Hong Kong Desserts @ Ji De Chi (记得吃)

Nowadays, it's getting more and more common to have shops naming themselves as a Chinese sentence that feel very warm at heart for commoners (like me); think Wan Dou Sek (搵到食: Found The Food), Sik Wai Sin (食为先: Food Comes First) and now Ji De Chi (记得吃: Remember To Eat).

For Chinese like me, these words centre around the most basic of the Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Food. That, coupled with the many vibrant pictures of desserts, proved to be irresistible for me not to patronise the eatery i am posting today; Ji De Chi!

In actual fact, i reckoned i have resisted long enough but there's a limit to what humans can do to push away temptation!! Especially when it has minimum impact to the people surrounding your life.

Unfortunately, with immense temptation comes not one, not two but three trips to Ji De Chi. Here's some of the things i had.

Mango in Pomelo Sago
Two versions: The first time i had this, the pomelo sago was tardy, slightly saltish and i thought it might be better to stick to the mango.

The second time, the pomelo was better tasting but the mango this time was disappointing. It might look yellowish sweet but it was not to be.

Mixed Ball in Ginger Soup
Age-related; i like ginger soup with its hot, spicy and sweet combination! The tangyuan (balls) here had a sticky dough that sticked between your teeth but the inside was marvelicious!! 

Nothing beats crushed bitey peanuts in a tangyuan!

Mango Baked Puff Rolls
This was hot!!! As in temperature hot!!! In degrees celcius!!!

Double edged sword though! When it's hot; difficult to eat, when it's cold, not nice to eat. The key is to eat it at the optimal temperature!

Water Chestnut Cake
Personally, i think this was the best out of the lot! It was not overly sweet like most desserts we know and was jelly-like with loads of chestnut bits for chewing pleasure! 


A few branches in Singapore, I know of Jurong Point (the new extension), Chinatown Point and have heard of branches in Upper Cross Street and Liang Seah Street. Go Google please.

Additional Information
If you really want to know, my preference is with the local Singaporean style of desserts like chng tng, ice kacang, chendol etc etc. They feel............ well, more at home in my stomach although food items like tangyuan were pretty customary for all Chinese.

Ji De Chi has an extensive menu and the prices varies; its mixed balls in ginger soup (tangyuan) was in fact price-comparable with some stalls in hawker centres. 

Yet, we all know all businessmen are not stupid; portions i had were not big.

Not that i am complaining for this reduced food intake.

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