Tuesday, February 16, 2010

French Toast @ Streets Cafe Restaurant (街头茶餐厅)

My standard of a good french toast of the ironic Hong Kong style has always come from Kim Gary.

Two slices of bread with peanut butter filling, dipped heavily in beaten egg, deep fried stacked, showered with golden syrup and topped with a dob of melty butter .....

The golden glittering end product was heavenly when i first ate it.

Now....... this one in Streets, a Hong Kong style cafe.

The beaten egg dip was done a bit too lightly, the end product was too thick and it's pretty obvious the peanut butter was spread OUTSIDE, not INSIDE.

Would it be another big disappointment......?

Thankfully no!

The toast was indeed too thick but the taste of crushed peanut butter with the slab of thick butter was just fabulous! The just-the-right amount of condensed milk differed greatly from most french toasts, which relied too heavily on condensed milk (if they ever use them) to give a highly probable diabetic condition 10-20 years from now!

They serve pretty good milk tea and coffee (according to my mom) too!


Level 1, Unit 126, IMM Building, walkable from Jurong East MRT Station.

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