Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Craving for These Food at the Moment!

It's been quite a while~~ I was having my exams then and yes, exams ended for like a month but well.. dear old me need to relax and destress a bit… PLUS, im quite busy playing games like Age of Empires 2 (i know 3 is out but i am slow to change), Command and Conquer and Simcity 4. I still go out to eat but i have started to develop some 'breasts' so i guess it's an early indication for me to control my cravings. BUT!! I still need to have some food… Lol.

No kidding! It's $1.50 a punnet and they were bloody red and fucking nice!! Since they looked so nice, i "persuaded" my mum to purchase 4 punnets and boy i didn't regret it!

The scent of the strawberries were not overly pungent and added in a "bit" of sugar, they were served fabulously as an after dinner dessert! HMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… I can still imagine how i feel when i ate them.. Until i ate the spoilt parts. *vomits* we finished all 4 punnets anyway.. without the spoilt parts of course.

AMK Carrot Cake
This carrot cake is one of e best i ever have and it's "cooked" by one very very friendly but forgetful owner.

Me: Uncle, one carrot cake, no chilli, black black.
Uncle: Ok, no chilli ah
Me: Yes Uncle.

*30 seconds later"

Uncle: No chilli right?
Me: Yes uncle.

*10 seconds later"

Uncle: Black black ah?
Me : Yes uncle.
Uncle: Drive here ah? Careful of traffic cops. Blah blah blah
Me: Blah blah blah.
Uncle: No chilli and black black right?
Me: Yes uncle.


He is nice to talk to lah and have good cooking skills, so i don't mind. But since i always asked for takeaway, i have to wait. If i waited away from his stall, guarantee he will give me a pack of carrot cake with chilli or one that is white. Lol.

Anyway, his carrot cake cost only $1.50 and although super moist was filled with egg and the ever lasting smell of the black carrot cake.. Whenever i bring a pack home, my whole car smells so good i almost wanted to stop and and eat the carrot cake there and then! Lol.

Chong Pang Nasi Lemak.
Ok, this one i only like the drumsticks.. The others stuff i guess ok ok lah~ I prefer the nasi lemak below my block. The chilli is the best! lol.

The drumstick is fried to a cripsy crisp with the inside hot and juicy!  The chicken oil oozed out when you bite the drumstick. With the chilli as an accompanying condiment, u just know you have the best chicken drumstick! BEWARE, sometimes you can still see blood inside and this tends to make me stay away from it for a while, only a while..

Char Kway Teow
I just tried this with Alex in Bukit Merah. and boy boy boy, best one i ever try!! Strongly recommended with ten stars!! Only $2 with 6 cockles and cooked to perfection with its usage of crispy pork lard that enhances the taste buds to the max! I have tried alot of char kway teow and seriously, this is the best!!

I feel hungry now just thinking about it. As u can see in the before and after, i licked the plate dry except for thecockles (who wana eat all those bloody black shit inside!)

That serves all i have for today. Next week i shall throw in the dim sum buffet im going. Will tell u guys more….. Cheap, good and fucking full! I sh*t quite a few times after tat! Lol.

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