Saturday, July 09, 2005

Finally My School Mate Commented……..

Today is my first class for the new semester and though i was eager, i am still late due to a bad stomachache. Anyway, all went well, with an interesting module and an equally amusing lecturer, but when break time came, i was faced with a school mate who commented: "eh, u like become bigger/fatter right?"

*thunder claps with heavy rain tat has e ability to flood the singapore river*

I was not shocked, but well, truth hurts don't they!? My motivation comes back again, and yes, i am motivated to go thru my demonious ordeals to make myself as skinny as Kate Moss in the old days or Naomi Campbell now~!!

But saying all these, i still need my dinner right? I only had like two packets of Indomee with 3 hard boiled eggs and 4 prawnz for brunch and i was "a bit" hungry when 8pm came. So there i was, roaming around Marina Square area because the road systems sucked!! I tried to go Marine Parade but due to road closures, i ended up in Marina Square. Though both had Marin, but apparently they had great differences!

Anyway, I was stuck with a crave for xiaolongbao (pic above) and surprise surprise, there’s one in Marina Square Shopping Centre at the area called Center Stage. Dun asked me why center stage, it's neither an auditorium nor a theatre even thou there’s a band in the middle. Anyway, my perky eyes catched a glance of a restaurant called the Imperial Treasure Xiao Long Bao and i was like, YES!! It's by the same guy who set up Crystal Jade and the concept was exactly like the Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao although it had some Teochew dishes, one of which was turtle soup (i din try this disgusting dish though!).

To curb my weight and my waistline, i only ordered two dishes, the Hong You Chao Shou (Red Oil Something) and the XiaoLongBao. They were fabulous, as usual, though the red oil (pic above) was the best i ever ate! Highly recommended!! I gave it 10 upon 10!! Total spending was only $11!!

Now back to my exercise regime.. Hm.. Should i jog or should i do my pushups? But like a bit late right? Never know if there’s ghosts or not. Hm…. Maybe i should sleep… Yawnz.. *will finish the dumplings on the table first*

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