Monday, July 18, 2005

Dental Hygienie is Important!!

Finally i brought my friend, Alex to visit a dentist whom i know can treat his gums problems!! As most of you know, I was in dental practise during my NS stinct and have been very particular about oral hygiene not only for myself, but also for my parents and friends. For people i just know or do not know very well, i seldom dwell onto that since it can be quite embarassing.

So for all friends who read this, remember!! Sometimes i really wana tell you but dunno your reactions lah~ So….. U guys know lah!! Approach me if you want to touch your dental issues.

Anyway, we went to a dental clinic one of my dental officers, Dr Edwin Oh, was working for after his dental bond (yes, all dentals students are "bonded" after graduation). Nice environment with a beautiful view of Orchard area!! And i had a good time remembering the Kavo Dental chair used; amongst so many dental chairs, Kavo reli best!!

Alex’s gums problem was really horrible!! He had plaque and calculus (not maths) covering some caries on his upper teeth!! Horrible right?? That's a bad thing of not taking care of your teeth and gums!! Yes, they come together!! And he had calculus all over his teeth and in between teeth!! Yes, in between teeth!! Why?!?! Becoz this bloody guy never flossed his teeth!!

So everyone, do remember to buy a good floss! My personal recommendation is Oral B Satin floss! It's fabulous!! My doc friend actually have to use a dental instrument called sickel for Alex’s gums~ In dental jargon, using a sickel means the problem was bad. Hahaha. Or bi good, never take care of his gums.

Alex said he dun feel pained so Dr Oh’s skills must be damn good~ Hehe. Anyway, if you guys and gals are interested in having a dental checkup, you can approach me for my friend’s number. Fyi, all e above pics were approved by Alex!

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