Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Cake Looks Different (Praline Cheesecake from Coffee Bean)

Look at the picture above; what is your first impression on it? Looks good right? Not only is the praline oh-my-goodness thick, the side of the cake looks so lusciously creamy! Overall, it looks like a cake to die for!

Thats EXACTLY wat i thought when i saw the cake of the month (Praline Cheesecake) in the website of Coffee Bean.

Hence, i made a suggestion to my colleagues; why don't we order this out-of-the-heaven cake for the monthly birthday babies? Of course its a YES~! A resounding YES!

Fast forward to the date of collection; I remember the exact scene on 12 September 2008 at around 9am in Coffee Bean Holland Village branch. The male staff opened the box; i looked at it; i looked at him and i looked at the cake sitting in the box again.

I exclaimed :"It looks different from the website!". The male staff looked at the cake sitting idly in the box and looked at me. "You ordered for praline cheesecake right". I looked at him and then looked irritating at the cake :"Yes i did but the cake in the website looks very different".

"But this is praline cheesecake" he replied. My brain was thinking "you dun visit your company website right?" Anyway, to keep the story short; i saw in the display, another praline cheesecake and it LOOKED exactly the same as the one im collecting.

Disappointment was an under-statement of how i was feeling then. I felt betrayed, i felt embarassed (becoz i suggested the cake) and i felt frustrated (celebration to begin in an hour time)!

Sighz......... What to do; its not exactly the guy's fault and everyone knows what a nice, understanding guy i am. Who knows, maybe the cake would taste suprisingly great!

As a good story goes, i am wrong........... again.

Although i have no complaint on the taste, the supposedly solid-looking praline was actually flakes of them and the cake was so difficult to cut! Chunks of it dropped out the moment the knife (provided with the cake) cut through. Not only that, the cake had a tendency to stick themselves to the knife! It improved slightly after i used a fork to stabilise the whole procedure (please do inform me for a demonstration, if you are interested).

I might not have cut a lot of cakes but this is the most challenging one (and hopefully the last) i have and would ever cut.

On a final note, we shall always keep in mind this : "'The cakes might not look as good as they are in the website".


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