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Review of Dorsett Mongkok Hotel - 6-7 Minutes' Walk (Through HSBC Centre) to Olympic MRT Station @ Hong Kong #dorsettmongkokhk

Right in the middle of our seven-day Hong Kong trip, a change in accommodation was needed as our travel mates would be going home whereas Alex and I chose to extend for another three nights!

Given that Panda Hotel is located quite far from all the action, we opted to stay closer to the city centre. There were tons of options; just that budget is a major consideration and we eventually threw in the lot for Dorsett Mongkok.

With a tall ceiling stretching three to four floors and beautified by a hanging crystal chandelier in the centre, it's just so freakish hard to get a good shot of the reception as the hotel lobby isn't big (do accord some blame on the skill of the photographer too).

Standing at 27 levels high, it's unfortunate that we were given a room only on the 12th floor. We shouldn't be too quick to judge though as staying on a lower level can be beneficial in event of emergencies.

Loving the bright corridor! Dim hotel corridors freak me out as i always feel that something is hiding in the shadows; waiting to scare the hell out of me!

Good vibe about the room; instead of boring labels, the above evoked a sense of cuteness from fairy tales and cartoons. That bird looked familiar; is it the same one from the classic cartoon, Snow White?

"Knock, knock, knock" - an essential step to dispel the one of the top ten taboos when staying in a hotel and we were in; at 18 square meters, this "comfort room" was tiny compared to Panda Hotel. However, i just realized that the UNIZO Inn in Sapporo (Hokkaido) was even smaller at only 14 square meters.

Many a time, we would leave one keycard in the room slot so that air-conditioning is a guarantee once we return from the great outdoors! Strangely in Hong Kong, a default card would be slotted and it's the same situation at Panda Hotel too. Whatever the case, yeah!!!

Checking out the fire evacuation plan!

Mini-fridge, electric kettle next to the entrance. I actually like the small recess underneath the fridge as it's a great place to keep our shoes.

TV console, study table and closet; all along this narrow stretch!

Loving the windowsill even though there's no cushion pad for a cultured person to stretch his / her legs while having a good read over a cup of hot tea. Love it simply because it's a good space for our bags and cabin luggage!

View outside; day and night!

The comfortable queen-sized bed took up substantial space; despite the lack of space, i am always impressed by how designers are able to make use of limited real estate and be creative enough to get the most of it.

Our see through wardrobe and the mini safe real underneath.

There's even a sign telling us the content in a drawer! I am the kind who would check out the drawers when i am at a hotel but i know of some travelers who don't bother and then often complain how come they couldn't find this, couldn't find that.

A smart phone is placed in each room for you to bring out and it provides the following benefits; "unlimited 4G Internet Access function with multiple connectivity personal hotspot for data sharing, unlimited local calls and unlimited International Calls to China, US, Canada, Singapore, Korea, Australia, UK and Thailand"!

Of course, if you lose / damage it, there would be a replacement / repair cost. Knowing how careless i am, we actually didn't bother bringing out the phone.

The bathroom - compact with the essentials; the mosaic tiles with mother of pearl pattern feel so Mediterranean; as if i am in Santorini!

Good quality shower gel and i so love the therapeutic, strong burst of water from the rainfall shower!

The fitness studio / gymnasium; unlike my younger sister, the gym is not a basic consideration when i choose a hotel although i would still make it a point to use it if it is available.

I really didn't expect much as online reviews were super critical of the gym at Dorsett Mongkok. Yes, it's small (although the use of mirrors gave one the visual impression that it's much larger) but i didn't think it was THAT lousy; have seen worse.

Free can of pocari from the hotel. Anyway, you would feel the squeeze once there are more than 3 persons in the gym and with over 280 rooms at Dorsett Mongkok, peak periods can be a frustration!

View outside the gym.

Free Shuttle Service
Even though it has the word Mongkok in its name, Dorsett Mongkok is still about 11 minutes' walk from Mongkok MRT station. Hence, the free shuttle service provided by the hotel would be helpful!

Departing hourly from the hotel from 8.00 am till 11.00 pm, it would bring hotel guests to notable landmarks like Langham Place / Ladies Market, Temple Street, Star Ferry, Sky100 etc.

Please show the keycard to the driver before boarding!

Candy bar available daily from 6-7pm; who would stay in the hotel at dinnertime?!?! Needless to say, i didn't manage to check out the candy bar. :( It should have been provided free-flow throughout the day, like the fruit infused water offered in many Indonesian hotels.


88 Tai Kok Tsui Rd,
Tai Kok Tsui, Hong Kong


As above.

How To Walk from Olympic MRT Station
Exit B from Olympic MRT station; Dorsett Mongkok is actually listed on the directory. Walk towards the direction of HSBC Center; it's a shortcut. The rest of the routes would result in longer distance.

See the escalators from HSBC Center? That where we came down from, from the Olympic station. I wasn't too sure if the HSBC Centre was closed as it was already past 10.30 pm on one of the nights.

You wouldn't be able to see the Dorsett Mongkok signage; just keep a look out for 九龙珀丽酒店 as Dorsett Mongkok is just right beside it. Alternatively, you may also consider Shell petrol station.  

Comfort Room - S$113.06 per night
(from hotels.com and including all taxes)

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