Wednesday, August 01, 2018

La Mer - Dead Fish in the Aquarium @ Changi International Airport Terminal 4 [Singapore]

La Mer - a cosmetic brand with an iconic product known as Crème de la Mer that's said to be incredibly expensive and made of this ingredient called Miracle Broth! Sounds like something edible to me. Anyway, those who have purchased their products or walked past their counter would likely notice their marine aquarium. 

For someone who is really into snorkeling, i would usually take a closer look and while i didn't notice anything amiss when i was inside the store at the departure hall of Changi International Airport Terminal 4, something caught my attention when i was outside the store where the aquarium faced the waiting crowd of those at the departure gates. 

See anything strange? Before i reveal the answer, have you ever wondered why La Mer would have a marine aquarium at their counter? It's because the miracle broth was made with a sea ingredient; the giant sea kelp! 

Coming back, i think the dead fish is quite obvious and i wonder how long it would be before a staff notices the lifeless fish in the tank and remove it. Don't think it would be a staff anyway; like a maintenance guy who came in once every few months to service the tank! 

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