Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Customary Move-In for My Sister & Brother-In-Law's New Home!

My elder sister is moving back to Yishun after more than a decade in Sengkang and boy was my mom pleased with her decision; it's always nice to have her kids nearer to her.

Since most of the furniture would only be sent during the inauspicious lunar 7th month (also known as ghost month), my sister and her family can't move in officially and has to make do with a customary move-in that involved charcoal burning and rice cooking! 

Finally got the charcoal fired up; as a member of the fire safety committee in my workplace, i frown upon such practices but sometimes, it's hard to reason with the elderly folks who have such deep beliefs in the customs! 

Well, at least i managed to persuade my mom not to light the charcoal in the carpark and have the smoke swirling from the basement carpark to the lift. Aside from inconsideration, there could always be smoke detectors installed on the ceiling! Wouldn't want to trigger the fire alarm right?

After bringing the pot of burning (and smoking) charcoal to all the rooms, it's time to give it a rest. Curious to know about the meaning of having the smoke permeating each and every corner? Please ask my mom. 

Without any Wi-Fi, television, computer and sofa, boredom quickly set in and i happily agreed to bring the kids to the condominium's swimming pools! 

Photos of the kids thoroughly enjoying themselves! Guess they would gladly spend hours in the pools when they move in. As for me, i didn't bring along an extra set of clothing; if not, i would have jumped into the water too! 

Ending the move-in with a bowl of rice cooked in my sister's new home! 
Supposed to be good luck. Huat ah! 

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