Friday, May 25, 2018

The Cheapest Meal in Hokkaido NOT from Convenience Stores - Gyumeshi from the 24-Hour Matsuya (松屋) @ Sapporo [Japan]

In my three-night stay at UNIZO Inn, we often had to walk past this fast-food restaurant-like eatery called Matsuya (松屋) and i can't resist looking at the huge poster promoting their 290-yen (about S$3.50) beef-on-rice bowl!

The day before we left Hokkaido, we couldn't hold it any further and stepped in for a meal. A self-ordering kiosk greeted us and thankfully, it's available in four languages; Japanese (obviously), English, Chinese and Korean.

Choose dine-in or take-out, select your orders (menu included curry, hamburg, beer etc), pay money and step into the 24-hour restaurant for a seat while waiting for your order!

Our receipt.

Condiments and sauces on the table, including complimentary water! If you ask me, i think i can save a lot if i have all my meals at Matsuya (松屋); especially when this branch near Sapporo/ Odori subway station operated round the clock! 

My beef on rice that came with a bowl of miso soup! Let's talk about the miso soup; tasting too heavy of bean curd, some people might like it even though personally, it wasn't my cup of soup. Nevertheless, i shouldn't complain as it's free.

Beef was thinly sliced and the serving wasn't as generous as it might appear to be from the picture. The marination wasn't too sweet and i actually enjoyed the food better than what i had at Yoshinoya Singapore! 

I literally cleaned up the bowl and the portion, while small, did manage to fill up my tummy. Seriously, there's nothing to complain about for a meal that cost less than S$4 in Japan and included water and soup! Should you feel extremely hungry, gyumeshi do come in large and extra-large portions. 


3-3, Kita1jounishi, Chuo-ku, 
Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido, Japan

As above.


Regular Gyumeshi - 290 yen

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