Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Omikuji - Traditional Japanese Fortune Telling in Sapporo @ Hokkaido Shrine [Japan]

When i departed for my Hokkaido trip last August, my heart was heavy as there was a major restructuring at my workplace and i can't deny the nagging thought hanging over my head; should i stay or look for a new job? 

There were a lot of factors to consider (including the fact that i did resign from NUS before) and even though i don't quite believe in fortune telling, i decided to pay the 100 yen when i saw the box for omikuji fortune at Hokkaido Shrine.

According to the English description, it's a type of fortune telling in Japan with ancient roots and it's supposed to act as a directional guide for the paths in your life, among others. Well, seems like i really needed it then, especially when i am nearing the end of my vacation. 

The oracle lot i picked; like a child unwrapping his present, i was excited but also a bit afraid of what the message would foretell. Tons of what-ifs running through my mind. 

Pretty straightforward message, unlike those divination slips in Chinese temples. Anyway, i zeroed in to the section under work; keep seeing things through fresh eyes. Of course, its interpretations were subjective and i chose to believe that restructuring can bring new perspectives to work which sounds rather positive. 

Chu Kichi (中吉) is also ranked second on the scale of fortune! Although i viewed the omikuji reading with a pinch of salt, it's almost coming to a year since the restructuring and if you ask me if things have been fine; i can only shrug my shoulders and answer "i don't know".

Nevertheless, someone told me that i should tie the omikuji to wires on the temple ground so as to enhance its 'potency' and i just blindly followed it. Only when i read here that i realised bad luck lots are also tied to the wires! Hm... maybe i should have kept it in my wallet instead....


Maruyama Park, Chūō-ku, 
Sapporo, Japan.

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