Thursday, May 18, 2017

Smart Bracelet (H8) with Step Tracker, Distance Calculator & Calorie Count from Qoo10 - Time to Start Walking More!

Some of you would have heard of the National Steps Challenge by the nation's Health Promotion Board (HPB) which dispensed free step trackers and enticed wearers with supermarket vouchers and even lucky draw chances for a trip to New Zealand.

For someone who didn't have the habit to wear a watch on his wrist, i diligently kept it on (those carrots work) until the tracker finally died on me; literally broken into a few parts. My wrist felt empty without the tracker and i decided to look around for a better quality tracker as a replacement. 

However, the cheapo in me couldn't bear to spend so much on a fit-bit and when i saw my friend shared a really affordable tracker on Facebook, i grabbed the time-limited opportunity to purchase a lowest-end model. And i finally received the package after ten days of wait! 

This is it; the smart bracelet and i think the brand is "Band" and it's 100% Hong Kong design; latter of which didn't quite matter to me. I just need a hardy tracker.

Would you want to guess how much i paid for it? S$19.90 after a S$30.00 discount and shipping was free! There's only one colour and i am so happy it's my favourite black. 

In addition to showing the time and counting your steps (like the basic tracker given by HPB), this would also calculate the distance and work out the calorie you would have burnt! 

All the information on the smart bracelet would be useless if you don't download an app to track all your effort! Sadly, this isn't compatible with HPB's Healthy 365 app and you would have to download a specialised app known as GoBand. 

Connecting the bracelet via bluetooth wasn't too difficult even though i struggled a bit after accidentally disconnecting it from the app and couldn't get it to connect; turned out i needed to disconnect it via the phone's bluetooth too before i can re-connect! 

Syncing my steps; a rather disappointing result from a target of 10,000 steps....

You can track your "performance" on a daily, monthly or event yearly basis! There's even a sleep tracking function where you would know if you are in deep, light or extremely light sleep. I shall wear my bracelet to sleep tonight! 

Other functions include messaging notification, shoot a photograph using your phone's camera and play the music on the phone. Nice add-ons that would require Bluetooth connectivity! Given the need to conserve battery, i doubt i would be using those add-ons as Bluetooth is such a battery drainer. 

Do i like the bracelet? I definitely do; slim, classic and seemed to be of really good make. I love the fact that compared to the HPB free tracker, you needn't remove it from the strap to recharge the battery! Only god knows how many times i dropped the now-spoilt tracker on the floor whenever i detached it! 

I am praying hard that it can last me for quite some time! 


Where I Bought It

Smart Bracelet (H8) - S$19.90


  1. Hello, I got an H8 just like the circular one you posted at the start of your blog. I was wondering if you know how to start it.. I just bought it and had it connected via bluetooth and on the app I tapped reboot and so it turned off but it never went back on again. HOping you could help out. Thank you!

    1. Hi! I faced the same problem; you would have to remove the device from your bluetooth and reconnect again! :)


  2. Incredible! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It's on a completely different subject but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Outstanding choice of colors!


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