Monday, May 22, 2017

All Black Charcoal Kaya Wafer Toast @ Bagus Food Court [Woodland's Causeway Point, Singapore]

I was all game to check out the movie listing at Cathay cineplex on level seven of causeway point but a poster on the right as i turned out from the lift lobby stopped me in my tracks.

The all black charcoal wafer toast; now, i don't normally crave for toasts at 5 pm in the evening but with a mild diarrhea and a movie that would likely end way past dinnertime, i thought this might help to alleviate the primary condition. 

A set, with two slices of charcoal kaya toast, two soft boiled eggs and a cup of teh o gao, at S$3.50 was a definite better deal. The eggs were given to Alex as i think i would have a running "commentary" from my ass if i were to ahead to ingest the runny eggs. 

To be honest, i can't complain for the price i am paying at Bagus foodcourt as the one charcoal toast i absolutely love came from Stateland Cafe and that's like six times expensive. 

Nevertheless, it made do as any normal toasts smeared with kaya and butter that we can get from any decent coffee shop and food court although for the greedy soul in me, they served as added advantage as a snack for afternoon tea.


1 Woodlands Square, #07-03, 
Bagus Food Court, Causeway Point,
Singapore 738099

Set of Charcoal Kaya Toast - S$3.50
(comes with drink and 2 soft boiled eggs)

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