Monday, May 29, 2017

A Scolding for Jovyn & Her Body Language

I always call the two darlings in my family the two brats as they can be quite a handful to manage, especially when they throw tantrums! 

The most recent incident was at my sister's birthday celebration yesterday where Jovyn had a fight with Jerald over my retro gaming console

The aggressor was Jovyn and of course she had to be reprimanded by someone with authority and the power. The same person who could make her pout back in 2013; her father! 

Darn - she caught me taking pictures of her being scolded and shot a murderous stare. I have just a couple more years before she turns into a rebellious teen who would likely threaten me to delete the photos or else..... 

It was mentioned back in this post that Jovyn had the habit of picking her nails when she was being chastised; there's no change to her body language and this reminded me of a recent Korean drama i watched where the mom of one of the main leads told off her son: "you are my son and i know your body language when you lie". 

Anyway, less than 30 minutes later, both Jovyn and Jerald started playing with each other again. That's the kind of noise i enjoy in my house; one that's filled with laughter and giggles. 

You know Jovyn is back to her usual self when she starts making ugly faces. 

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