Wednesday, May 31, 2017

9-Inch Fresh & Uncooked Pizza from Cold Storage (Yishun's Northpoint Mall) - Add The Ingredients You Love to the Bake-Yourself Thin & Crispy Pizza [Singapore]

The picture of a burnt pizza on my Instagram was the rare #failbake that i dared to put on the social media page as i found it incredulous to have destroyed what could have been a beautiful (and no doubt delicious) pizza!  

A friend thought i had purchased frozen pizza (hence, the poor control of temperature) but in reality, it was an uncooked pizza from Cold Storage supermarket at Yishun's Northpoint. The failed attempt last Saturday resulted in a nagging craving for pizza and i grabbed another one the following day. This time round, i shall exercise extra caution.

Cooking instructions were straightforward and short enough. I have been buying such pizzas from Cold Storage for a few years already as ingredients were fresher and there's the option to add ingredients you love to the pizza! 

Furthermore, it only cost S$7.95 for a nine-inch pizza and you can choose from ham and pineapple (your classic Hawaiian), vegetarian, pepperoni or simple tomato and cheese. 

I managed to screw up the instructions somewhat last year when i forgot to remove the base board after tearing away the wrapper! My friend was wondering then why the pizza base didn't feel quite right. 

Pizza without the base board. I was thinking of leaving this in its original condition and throwing it immediately to the oven which was already pre-heated. 

That's when i spotted a yellow onion that had been lying beside the oven for about a month or so; let's cut it up as i absolutely adore tons of onions on my pizza! Another hot favourite would be slices of Taiwanese sausages! 

Frankly, i would have covered the entire pizza with sliced onions but for the sake of publicity, let's just adorn it simply with just a few pieces of onion. Leftover onions can be kept in the fridge until it's omelette time.

Damn, another screw up! My eyes saw 220 degrees celcius yet my brain registered 200 degrees celcius. Well, the knob was turned to 220 but my oven had a temperature variance of 20 degrees celcius! 

No wonder the pizza was too "fair" when the 12 minutes were up. I had to add another five minutes before it showed the symptoms of bubbling cheese and browning crust. 

It was so good and although i had the intention to keep half for dinner the next day; i couldn't resist and before i knew it; i felt a deep sense of guilt to have eaten the pizza all by myself! :(

If it's of any psychological consolation to myself, i diligently cut out the crust for each piece so that i wouldn't ingest too much carbohydrate. On second thought, i should have recycled them as "bread-sticks" which would be useful when i cooked western-style soup. 


Where To Get It
Selected Cold Storage Supermarket Outlets
(for example, the outlet at Northpoint)

9-Inch Pizza - S$7.95 each

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