Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sunset on the Plane from Bandung to Singapore

This isn't the first time i am declaring my love for taking planes; for a mere human, there's only so much we can see since we are not organically blessed with wings that might have enabled us to soar above the clouds. 

Furthermore, my childhood years of being exposed to stories, dramas and movies of Chinese mythology and legends have always made me envious of immortals who could apparently ride the clouds just like one would do with a car. 

Of course, i grew up and although i am still not discounting immortals from my belief, i have gotten round to the sad fact that i would never possess supernatural powers nor immortality and the only way for me to ""fly" would be to take the airplane! 

The first time i took a plane was 22 years ago and i vividly remember it was a Garuda Indonesia flight to the city of Medan. Since then, i have taken countless trips and i never fail to be in awe of the sight below when i am a few thousand feet above the ground.

However, i am seldom lucky enough to take a flight that's timed at sunset. Alright, the blame is mine since i am cheapo by nature and air tickets are usually much cheaper early in the morning or at night.

In addition, even if i am fortunate enough to catch the sunset, i am usually seated on the other side of the plane and in those trips, seats were fully taken up. 

Hence, i am real happy on my journey back from Bandung to Singapore as there were ample seats on the other side for me to take photos of the spectacular sunset! 

See the sun rays that were cast onto the ocean! 

And have your eyes pleasured by the flaming auras rising above the clouds. I have never seen the aurora borealis but i thought this would fall under a similar category. p.s. geologists / geography students would likely slap their forehead twice upon reading my comment. 

The setting sun in its final glory as it descends for its daily slumber. 

Had to make use of the special sunrise / sunset setting on my Nikon DSLR camera to take the above two photographs. It was a beautiful sight although the airplane window had resulted in the bouncing of reflection.

Remember to move your eyes occasionally away from the sun as it could be uncomfortable for some people despite the lower light intensity.

Last photograph as the looming clouds moved to block the sun from us. 


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