Friday, March 31, 2017

The Boring Departure Lounge @ Bandung Husein Sastranegara International Airport [Indonesia]

Noted as Indonesia's third largest airport with a city population of about 2.5 million people and just 150 kilometers from the capital, i think i am not that far off for assuming that the departure lounge of the international airport in Bandung would not bore me.

Turning from a corner once i cleared immigration and got my hand carry luggage scanned by the airport security, i regretted my decision immediately; the decision to get in earlier to check out what's in store for us to spend our time and leftover rupiah.

I was standing at the far end of the departure lounge where the boarding gate was; yes, i can see everything at one glance and the place was only that 'big'.

For those who can sleep easily (i can't as i need a bed), there's a row of rattan chaise lounges for you to get into dreamland until the PA system screamed for your name.

Kids can take refuge in the playground set. Oh wait, i don't remember seeing any kids and in it and looking closely at the above photo; it wasn't even set up properly! 

One of two commercial entities in the area; a snack bar for coffee, snacks or even boxes of kueh lapis for last minute purchase to spend that last rupiah! Another one would be a bookstore. No souvenir stall, no fashion store; so how did i last that more than an hour wait until boarding time?

Looking out of the large windows like an emo old man with nothing to do. Of course not, i had my iPhone with me and i am so glad i opted for Starhub DataTravel @ S$20 for 3 Gigabytes! 

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