Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Thu Thu Baguette and Pho House - BBQ Pork with Noodle @ Vivo City Food Republic [Singapore]

With all due respect, i always have that impression that among all the brand name food courts in Singapore, Food Republic took the first spot for being the priciest; hence, i didn't really believe my friends when they claimed to have delish Vietnamese food at pretty reasonable pricing. 

Until i checked out the eatery, Thu Thu Baguette and Pho House, a week plus ago; okay, to be fair to Food Republic, you have to agree a lot of effort was spent on interior design and dining in its premises was unlike most other food courts. 

Even though this was housed within a food court, it had a separate seating section reserved for their customers. You may however continue to buy the drinks and even desserts from the main food court vendor. 

If i zoom in a bit more, i think i can submit the photo for photos taken on an authentic food trail in Vietnam! Speaking of the country, i think i should seriously consider a visit given my increasing acceptance for Vietnamese cuisine.

Fried Spring Roll - stupid me went to order this as i didn't realise it was included in the dry noodle that i would be ingesting shortly after. Anyway, coming back to the spring roll, it wasn't as good as the local ones we have which were bigger with sweet and crunchy turnips. 

BBQ Pork with Noodle - this entire set (with ingredients including spring roll, BBQ pork, noodles, two flattened meat balls and a bowl of relatively flavourful soup) only resulted in an outlay of S$7.90 which was already inclusive of GST! 

The pieces of BBQ pork weren't overly oily and had a soft texture that was nicely marinated with the familiar yet not cloyingly sweet flavour of satay! Thumbs up for the noodle too which i thought was more like vermicelli. It was smooth and complemented well with the pickled fish sauce (served in a separate bowl); giving it an appetising touch helped further by the distinctive aroma of coriander. 

I am so going to try their baguette the next time i visit!


1, Harbourfront Walk, Vivo City, 
#03-01, Within Food Republic,
Singapore 098585

As above.

Fried Spring Roll - S$4.90
BBQ Pork with Noodle - S$7.90
(GST Included)

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