Tuesday, February 14, 2017

New Lucky Claypot Rice (新鸿运瓦煲饭) @ Holland Drive Hawker Centre [Singapore]

Holland Drive Market & Food Centre is a dead place when sun sets with no more than two stalls that were open for business when i was there last Thursday!

One of them was New Lucky Claypot Rice which commanded at least 90% of the businesses within the food centre at night and this was hardly shocking since it already had a strong following back at its old premises in Clementi.

Friends had pre-ordered beforehand and the piping hot claypots were served to our table in mere minutes! In normal circumstances, i would take some time to shoot a few dozen photographs but comes to claypot rice, time is definitely not on my side.

You have to quickly add in the necessary items before the rice got too charred and difficult to mix as the claypot continued to retain high heat after it was taken off the stove; oil would be the first to go in for lubrication of the rice grains!

After which would be the dark soya sauce that makes or break the meal and i understand from our ieatishootipost food guru that it's a "special blend from a few selected manufacturers"; be careful not to add too much as it would result in cloyingly sweet rice!

This might appear a bit too dark for some people although the colour of the grains was just right for me; put it bluntly, at least the grains were not dripping dark soya sauce.

Personally, i enjoyed what went into my mouth (thanks to the perfect mixing by my colleagues) and every mouthful was delicious with a generous amount of Chinese sausages and pieces of tender chicken! And yes, the allure of the crunchy charred bits! 

My major issue was the salted fish which i don't know how to appreciate; thankfully, i am rather good in identifying and removing them from my bowl! Oh, another thing - can't the chicken be de-boned beforehand?!


Block 44, Holland Drive Food Centre,
#02-19, Singapore 270044


As above.

Operating Hours
Morning - 11 am to 1 pm
Evening - 5 pm to 8pm
Closed on Wednesdays

For Pre-Order & Reservation
Call 6778-7808

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