Monday, February 27, 2017

Kanshoku Ramen Bar - Famous for Truffle Ramen @ ION Orchard [Singapore]

Meeting a friend without any concrete plan on where to have dinner may not be such a bad idea after all; if not for such unplanned arrangement, i would not have stepped into the blue-themed Kanshoku Ramen Bar! 

As i am not active on Instagram and seldom follow food blogs, i am not even sure what the ramen bar was famous for! Thanks to Ms SaNeVa, i am now aware it's popular for its truffle ramen although me being me, i insisted on having their signature kanshoku ramen.

Given the manpower constraint for the F&B industry in Singapore, please indicate your choice on the order sheet and pass it to the pretty ladies at the counter! Payment would only be required after you are done with your meal. 

Pork Gyoza
Tagged as a favourite on the menu, they were okay tasting and i had nothing to complain about except for maybe a crispier skin? Not my favourite obviously. 

Signature Kanshoku Ramen
Placed on my dinner in less than ten minutes, i wasn't expecting much given a hardly impressionable gyoza and the fact that surrounding me was the enticing aroma from the truffle ramen that many diners seemed to be having! 

My fear was unfounded as the milky broth that was boiled for a relentless eight hours tasted light yet enriching with a tonkotsu flavour extremely soothing to my tummy! Thumbs up as well for the added texture; thanks to the strips of crunchy black fungus which i initially thought were kanpyō, otherwise known as dried gourd.

Even though we ticked "soft" for ramen texture, i found mine a bit too hard for my liking. Strangely, it's only me since Vanessa had no issue with hers. Nevertheless, the noodles were freshly made on a daily basis and it was quite a joy to slurp them loudly down my throat! 

Aside from the broth, i was totally taken aback by the tenderness of the chashu! They were literally melt in the mouth and so soft; it broke into smaller pieces when i picked it up for the above photo. The last time i had such blow-me-away chashu was at Otoko Ramen although the standard had dropped in my visit a few months ago. 

Frankly, if not for the lack of privacy and space, i would have licked the bowl clean!  

Truffle Broth Ramen 
I could only comment on the soup as i stole two spoonfuls from Vanessa; it was similar to my signature kanshoku tonkotsu ramen with an unsurprisingly strong truffle aroma and taste. Priced at S$4 more expensive, i think i would still go with my beloved signature kanshoku ramen.


2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard, 
#B3-18, Singapore 238801


As above.

Pork Gyoza - S$6.50
Signature Kanshoku Ramen - S$13.90
Truffle Broth Ramen - S$17.90
(Subject to GST and Service Charge)

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