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Cloud Forest in 2017 @ Gardens by the Bay [Singapore]

Two weeks ago, i generated a post on the dahlia dreams and spring surprise event at the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay; as it was more worth it to purchase the combined conservatories ticket, we paid a visit to the Cloud Forest too and as expected, i still have a few outstanding photos in my folder that are just waiting to be published!

The day started from home although the excitement only started to stream in when we arrived at Bayfront MRT station; to be honest, the most excited had to be my younger sister as poor her and NEVER been to the conservatories! Oh gosh, i am actually feeling sorry for her even as i typed out these words.

First thing we spotted upon exit would be the fan-shaped fountain with the stunning backdrop of the fake yet impressive supertrees!

From the bridge across the water, i noted it would still be a bit of walk to the conservatories for my parents; i am able although my parents, mum especially, were no longer as strong as before and i felt a tinge of guilt for not being able to afford a car to ferry them around.

Chinese garden with the towering Marina Bay Sands (MBS); even though i have always abhorred staycations, staying at MBS would actually be quite cool! And who shall accompany me? My parents of course! 

Flower Dome - my coverage here was very detailed and you may wish to click the here for more photographs. You wouldn't be disappointed.

Cloud Forest - my aim today for this post although i must admit the objective for visiting gardens by the bay on the third day of lunar new year was because of the spring surprise event.

The 35-meter man-made waterfall welcomed us into the dome. As with the flower dome which was covered extensively back in 2013, this would be my second blog post on cloud forest

Honestly, Cloud Forest was the same as before and there wasn't much change over the past three, four years that i last visited. Hence, i didn't take many pictures and if you would like to know more about the individual sections within the air conditioned dome in the daytime, check out my post here

Humongous orchid sculpture with my mom; i came out with a separate post on cloud forest at night and it was an entirely different atmosphere. My personal recommendation is to get a re-entry stamp on your hand / arm, explore the rest of gardens by the bay and then return at night. Insufficient time? Then might as well check out the post here

We were lucky to chance upon the release of mist that only happened six times a day; every two hours from 10 am till 8 pm.

Dad's attempt to take a picture of me was thwarted when i managed to be first! I can see he really likes the cloud forest and although it was his second visit, he remained wide-eyed and impressed. 

Mom too; even though she was happier with the fact that the temperature was kept between a cool 23 and 25 degrees celcius. No sweat is always preferred and that's why she will never go with me on my beloved beach vacation! 

This mistiness, in bright daylight, might not appear much on the ground level and you have to climb up higher to understand the true purpose of the mist. Kidding on the climbing part as taking the elevator is the official way to get to the "peak".

These drains on level seven - the lost world have a noble purpose; they gave us the waterfall at the entrance when we entered the conservatory.

I think i am managing my fear for height very well nowadays; no longer did i feel that the metal grille wouldn't be able to take my weight and i will fall down to my death. p.s. this was publicly accessible area; the safety aspect was therefore guaranteed. Non accessible areas might be a different story. 

Mist on the higher levels made one feel like they were shrouded in clouds and this would in fact be quite similar to the real environment in the highlands with one exception; nature's call. 

No, i am not referring to urinating / shitting! Nature's call as in the natural music that came from animals and birds! As the conservatory isn't an aviary, the sounds were limited to the human source.

Frankly, it did look like a crime scene and a dead body was sprawled on the seat. With the hot weather we have in Singapore, sleeping in the cool conservatory is definitely irresistible!

Dad saying hi! 

Level five, where we can be closer to the waterfall. This would be the best angle i can get without a tripod which would at least help to stabilise the camera for a longer "shutter speed".

M-shaped walkway known as Cloud Walk; without the misting, i could only term it as a walk next to the mountain. It would be best to time your visit with the misting timings i shared earlier.

Eagle head made from wood at the "secret garden" on the ground level. The one section that i enjoyed very much was the +5 degree! Check out here

Garden by the Bay is huge and would be even bigger in the future when the other side (where the founders' memorial would like be) is open. I should make a point to visit the other parts of the gardens like the OCBC Skyway! 


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Map of the Gardens
As above.


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