Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Advice Required - Computer for Gaming & Photo-Editing!

Technology has advanced exponentially over the past twenty years; back in 1997, dial-up was the norm for network connectivity and 56kps was a pretty good speed to navigate the text-heavy, rather than image-heavy webpages.

Why did i start on the advancement of technology? For the simple reason that i couldn't do without my computer and have taken it totally for granted; including the faster processor and lightning speed connectivity!

Now, the subset of it was that my Acer computer, purchased at a cost less than S$1,800 about six years ago, is giving me problems (slower processing speed, jerky mouse et) and i am thinking of replacing it with one that has solid state drive (bootup was said to be almost instantaneous), more ram and a newer yet faster processor. 

I am contemplating purchasing my desktop from Aftershock PC as they seem to be garnering a lot of positive reviews recently for their individually built & customised gaming PCs. Even though i am not  good in gaming, i do enjoy the occasional thrill for Diablo 3, Left4Dead2 and Overwatch when the stress hits. 

The problem with my deliberation is that the pricing for what i have indicated is way over my budget and it doesn't even include any keyboard, mouse and monitor! As i am no that tech savvy, i would really appreciate some advice here.

Is the pricing okay given the specifications? I noted that some, like the graphic card, might be an overkill and i likely wouldn't be able to see the graphical differences. Maybe i should clear it with the guru, the Great Kon! 

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