Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Soursop with Plum (Ice Blended) @ Just Juice It in Old Airport Road Hawker Centre [Singapore]

With a soursop juice craving that never seems to stop after my visit to the legendary Lim Hin at old airport road hawker centre, i finally gave up on having to dig for the pieces of fruit at the bottom of the cup and wait for the ice to melt!  

There must be something more convenient, fuss free and it came from the fruit stall known as Just Juice It in the same hawker centre; claiming to serve "the original soursop juice since 1978", its history is just three years short of Lim Hin.

Our fuss free option - ice blended soursop with plum! By the way, the today's special had been the same item for the past few months!

Usually sealed with plastic, i actually requested the young gal manning the stall not to do so for ease of photo-taking. As you can see - unlike Lim Hin's soursop juice, this featured a homogeneous consistency that some of you might disagree with; to them, the satisfaction was to bite through the soursop meat and slowly savour its essence.

I can understand where they are coming from although i do prefer the convenience of just sucking through the straw without the irritation of having a piece of stubborn soursop stuck in the middle! Furthermore, blending definitely results in a more consistent taste! On a related note, adding plum is a fantastic way to add a punch to the already delicious soursop juice! 


51 Old Airport Road #01-82, 
Old Airport Road Food Centre 

Ice Blended Soursop with Plum  - S$2.50 

Additional Information
Get your loyalty card - for every drink costing S$2 and above, you get a stamp and once you get five stamps, you may redeem for a drink up to S$2.20! Okay, i only noted the maximum of S$2.20 while blogging and this means i would not be able to get any soursop based beverage as they cost a minimal of S$2.50! :(

Other Stalls in the Hawker Centre 

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