Monday, March 21, 2016

Fu Shi Traditional Roasted Wanton Mee (富市传统烧腊) for Char Siew and Roast Pork @ Shunfu Mart Food Centre [Singapore]

Despite the impending doom that built up after getting the pin from LTA, it's important to fill our empty tummies with food before we sent Toyota-san on its final journey.

Remembering the amazing kueh kosui from the nearby Shunfu Mart that a fellow colleague often bought for us, i decided to check out the hawker centre that had never been featured before in this blog! 

I circled the food centre twice and couldn't help being bewildered by Fu Shi (Traditional) Roasted Wanton Mee stall which had like the longest queue! 

Mind you, it wasn't even 10am! Many locals don't take roasted delights for breakfast and hawkers selling roast pork, char siew, roast duck etc often don't even start business until an hour before noon. My mind wasn't keen to order but the foodie buried within my soul dictated my action....

My char siew roast pork rice - this would be my usual order if i couldn't decide between roast pork (sio bak) and char siew. It would be great to include roast duck too although i withdrew from that decision at the last minute; frankly, enough meat for the day.

Sio Bak was thick and chunky with skin that cackled with satisfaction and happiness; marination wise was rather minimal and this is where i feel that improvement is required for that additional oomph! 

If i am ever in the need to cut down my expenditure and were to crave for the epic Kay Lee char siew, this would be one good substitute at 40% cheaper! My only grouch was the lack of oily, glistening fat that could have increased the palatability.

Nevertheless, this was one of the better char siew in Singapore and its popularity can be seen by the support of its customers at a time when most people would go for toast and / or nasi lemak. By the way, do take their chilli sauce which was comparable to the unforgettable one from Kay Lee albeit with two differences; it's more watery and a tad spicier. 


Block 320, Shunfu Road
#02-25 (Shunfu Mart)

As above. Nearest MRT station is Marymount (Circle Line)

As above

Char Siew + Roast Pork Rice - S$3.50

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