Thursday, March 03, 2016

A Snake in the Office? No, A Skink! @ Singapore

Mayhem descended on our small office after lunch this afternoon with a scream from my manager who noticed something slimy moving very fast on our carpeted flooring! 

I managed to catch a glimpse of it and couldn't make out if it was a baby snake or a lizard given its speed! One thing for sure, it definitely isn't a worm.

It managed to hide underneath my manager's cubicle although this didn't stop me from finding out its hidden spot; being ophiophobic means there's no way i am going to work in an office with a snake!! After a few rounds of "battle", i did see legs jutting out from its elongated body. 

Using a plastic ruler, we succeeded in forcing it out and it confirmed my suspicion; it's a skink; a species that falls under the common lizard. You may read more here

The story should have ended on a good note; except that it doesn't. The skink escaped from our clutches and of all places, scampered under a carpet right where i am seated!!!! We couldn't get it to come out! :( 

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