Saturday, October 03, 2015

Waxing - A Warm Alternative to Threading @ Esware Beaute [Near West Coast Plaza]

First and foremost, take a look at the above and guess what it is.

A close-up photograph would assist you in this guessing game. Some thought it was a piece of keropok / chips while others guess it could be my favourite durian; albeit in its frozen, dried form.

The original state of the material came from this container. Just in case you have in mind that this was white chocolate fondue; you could not be further away from the truth. 

In reality, it was a waste product after a popular hair removal procedure known as waxing! Threading has been the norm to get rid of my facial hair since last year and the lady, who sees me every fortnight, had been encouraging me to try out waxing! 

I was hesitant; given the numerous horror stories from friends who warned that the pain was indescribable and i could not imagine the suffering for the delicate area above my lip if i were to proceed! 

However, i am an adventurous person and since i have not heard of anyone dying from waxing, i figured it might be worth a try yesterday. Personally, i found it to be more painful than threading although it was comforting to have the warm liquid on the skin. 

The pain obviously came from tearing the hardened wax off the skin and as expected, it was unbearable for the upper lip! I had to do it a couple more times as a few strands of the facial hair stubbornly refused to be removed!

Quite fun if you ask me and it's kind of disgusting to see the strands of facial hair stuck to the wax. 

One piece almost seemed like pork skin which wasn't cleaned properly! The service staff were amused when i purposely requested to keep them! Weird meh? My very first time waxing mah....


Esware Beaute
Block 725, Clementi West Street 2, 
#01-200 [Near West Coast Plaza]

S$15 a session

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